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On April 14, 2011, after several very public and very embarrassing incidents involving air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt accepted the resignation of Hank Krakowski, who was the manager of the FAA's air traffic control organization. Babbitt promised to perform a full review of how the air traffic...
Pondělí, 02 Květen 2011 05:54

Air France AF447 Flight Data Recorder Recovered

The ongoing search for wreckage of Air France flight 447, an A330-200 (F-GZCP) that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours of 1 June 2009, has successfully located the flight data recorder (FDR), one of the two "black boxes" that may contain data that may reveal why the flight crashed almost two years ago. The search continues for the...
Čtvrtek, 19 Květen 2011 09:21

No survivors in Saab 340 crash in Argentina

18 May 2011; Sol Líneas Aéreas< Saab 340A; Flight 5428; near Prahuaniyeu, Argentina:The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Neuquén near the Andes to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina when it crashed about 25 kilometers (15 miles) southwest of the town of Los Menucos. The last contact with the aircraft occurred about 40 minutes after t...
The latest BEA update on the Air France Flight 447 investigation, which was released on 27 May 2011, is based primarily on data recovered from the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. This update is not a full or final report on the investigation, and only provides a small amount of the data that was contained in the black boxes.The...
Pondělí, 12 Prosinec 2011 14:20

FAA creates new and harsher rules concerning lasers

On 1 June 2011 the FAA announced that it will now use a rule originally used against someone on board the aircraft who interfered with a flight crew, and apply it to people on the ground who deliberately point lasers at aircraft. With this change, someone who points a laser at an aircraft can be fined up to $11,000.While this threat to aircraft...
Pondělí, 13 Červen 2011 21:00

Two new plane crash and aircraft safety videos

The AirSafe.com site Plane-Crash-Videos.net has two new postings this past week. The first is about a September 2009 crash of an Ilyushin 76 during an air show in Teheran, Iran. All seven crew members were killed after the aircraft broke up in flight and crashed. The newest event was not a crash, but came very, very close to being a disaster for...
Pátek, 17 Červen 2011 20:45

AirSafe.com Approches 15th Anniversary

Believe it or not, next month marks 15 years of AirSafe.com. It is very unlikely that anyone involved with AirSafe.com in 1996 could have predicted either the current state of the Internet or the current state of aviation safety and security. One thing that we may all agree on is that without the Internet, the relationship that the general public...
Úterý, 21 Červen 2011 08:56

Plane Crash in Russia Kills 43

20 June 2011; RusAir; Tu134A; RA-65691; flight 7R-243; Petrozavodsk, Russia: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Moscow (Domodedovo)to Petrozavodsk, Russia. The aircraft crashed on a roadway about one kilometer from the destination airport. Of the 43 passengers and nine crew members, 44 were killed and eight survived. Related...
Středa, 13 Červenec 2011 21:00

Plane crash in Brazil kills all 16 on board

13 July 2011; NOAR Linhas Aéreas; Let 410; PR-NOB; flight NRA-4896; Recife, Brazil: The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Recife to Natal, Brazil, and crashed in a populated area about one minute after takeoff, narrowly missing several buildings. The aircraft was destroyed by the impact and post crash fire. Both crew members and all 14 ...
Neděle, 31 Červenec 2011 20:05

Caribbean Airlines 737-800 crashes in Guyana

30 July 2011; Caribbean Airlines; 737-800; flight BW523; Georgetown, Guyana: The aircraft (9Y-PBM) was on a scheduled international flight from Port of Spain, Trinidad, arriving at about 1:25 a.m. local time at Georgetown, Guyana. The flight had originated at New York's JFK airport. After landing, the aircraft departed the runway and broke into...
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