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Patrick Smith, airline pilot and author of the recently released book Cockpit Confidential, sat down with Dr. Todd Curtis of AirSafe.com to discuss his latest work, and to share his thoughts on other issues facing the airline industry. Listen to the Patrick Smith interview Resources 2008 interview about crash of Spanair MD82 Earlier...
After an ANA and JAL 787 aircraft experienced battery fires in January 2013, the entire fleet of 49 aircraft was grounded while the problem was diagnosed and an acceptable plan for fixing returning the aircraft to service was developed. While Boeing did come up with a repair plan that was acceptable to the FAA, it appears that the JAL 787 that...
Cockpit Confidentialis the latest book from Patrick Smith and is very much an insider's guide to the airline business in general and the life of an airline pilot in particular. This book is about the airline business and about airline careers, but perhaps more importantly it is a story about a love affair. Not the kind that is short, passionate,...
On 1 May 2013, the FAA Office of Inspector General office released a report (AV-2013-073) that detailed ongoing difficulties that the FAA has in overseeing the repair stations that provide airline maintenance services in the US and overseas. Like the airlines, organizations that provide FAA-approved repairs to airliner aircraft have to meet FAA...
29 April 2013; National Airlines; 747-400; N949CA; Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan: The aircraft had just departed on a cargo flight to Dubain, UAE when the aircraft entered a stall and crashed near the end of the runway. At one point, the aircraft had rolled to the right in excess of 45 degrees. Although the crew was able to put the wings more or...
Sobota, 27 Duben 2013 18:03

787 Dreamliners return to service

More than three months after being grounded by the FAA and by other aviation authorities around the world due to a pair of battery fire incidents, the 787 is flying once again. While US and Japanese investigations into the causes of the fires continue, the FAA has allowed the 787 to return to service once airlines install a number of required...
Pondělí, 15 Duben 2013 19:35

Lion Air 737 lands in water short of runway

13 April 2013; Lion Air; 737-800; PK-LKS; flight 904; Bali, Indonesia: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Bandung, Indonesia to Bali, arriving during a rain storm. The aircraft landed in shallow water short of the runway during final approach. Although the aircraft had a break in the fuselage just behind the wings, none of the...
On Thursday March 28, AirSafe.com will host a live webinar on how TSA rules affect passengers who fly with one or more sex toys. While the TSA for the most part does an outstanding job of protecting the flying public, sometimes they compromise a passenger's privacy and dignity while doing so. There have been a number of cases where TSA...
The recent TSA announcement about changing rules for carrying small knives and other potentially dangerous items in the passenger cabin will allow passengers to keep these items in their carry-on bags for the first time in years. However, it has not changed the rules on how passengers my travel with guns and other weapons, so if you plan on doing...
Calvin Turner Curtis Sr., World War II veteran and recent recipient of a Congressional Gold Medal, passed away on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in San Antonio at the age of 87 following a short illness. He was born May 17, 1925, in Charlotte, Texas, and was preceded in death by his wife of 55 years, Patricia Lucia Tennyson Green Curtis, and is...
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