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Čtvrtek, 22 Prosinec 2011 01:03

AMR Corp. Fleet Resizing Targets ATR 72s

AMR Corp.’s court-protected reorganization continues apace with the retirement of six ATR turboprops in the coming weeks and 15 more by the end of January....
Čtvrtek, 22 Prosinec 2011 00:42

Soyuz To Restore Six-Person Station Ops

The linkup will restore the ISS to sustained six-person crew operations for the first since mid-September....
Čtvrtek, 22 Prosinec 2011 00:42

Japan Judged F-35 To Have Best Performance

The defense ministry says the F-35A also was the cheapest, because the competition would have needed modification for inflight refueling....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 21:51

U.S. Destroyer Plans In Doubt

An exclusive Aviation Week Intelligence Network investigation shows U.S. destroyer plans headed for rough waters....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 17:13

Boeing advances first South Carolina-built 787

Boeing has advanced production of its first North Charleston, South Carolina-built 787, moving the aircraft from its major assembly join to systems installation......
Tanzania's Precision Air has signed a contract for the purchase of four ATR 42-600s and one ATR 72-600. Delivery of the 50-seat ATR 42-600s will start......
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 16:00

Tomark pozýva vyskúšať si Vipera v ČR!

Vážení leteckí nadšenci, priaznivci ultraľahkého lietania, fanúšikovia lietadla Viper SD-4. Prinášame Vám informáciu o spustení inovovanej webovej stránky www.tomarkaero.com....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 13:03

EU Court Upholds Bringing Airlines Into ETS

The ruling, which was expected, is likely to increase tensions between the EU and its aviation trading partners....
Ron Rapp of the the House of Rapp blog has noted an extensive article in Popular Mechanics about Air France 447’s flight recorder transcripts that shed some light on what really happened in the cockpit as the aircraft plunged into the Atlantic Ocean near Brazil (also check out our post from last June: Air France [...] Related posts:
  1. Air France 447...
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 12:07

Louisiana airport to get added encroachment protection

A 1,500-foot runway expansion and a 48-unit residential development that is in the works near Natchitoches Regional Airport in Natchitoches, La., could pit airport neighbors against airport users....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 10:09

Avgas fuels the debate

With industry, universities, and government researchers hard at work seeking the next fuel for general aviation aircraft, 2011 began in an orderly fashion on the unleaded avgas front. February marked the chartering of a joint aviation rulemaking committee, on which AOPA serves....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 09:35

Five fronts from GA's memorable 2011

In the spirit of the aviation mnemonic that uses "the five Ts" to remember what comes next on an instrument approach, you could say that taxes, technology, training, tetraethyl lead, and tracking of aircraft by Internet users highlighted a checklist of issues facing general aviation in 2011....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 09:29

Knowledge testing being reviewed

Pilot training and testing require large commitments of time and resources, and rely heavily on expectations set by the FAA for the practical and knowledge exams. The practical test standard remains relatively clear and concise, yet the expectations for the knowledge portion have historically been less objective....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 09:29

LightSquared vs. GPS

What happens when a high-powered mobile-satellite network uses frequencies adjacent to those that are used for the much weaker signals on which GPS operates?...
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 09:29

BARR program reinstated

All policy is a balancing act between competing priorities. But when an FAA edict canceling pilots' ability to shield their IFR flights from online public scrutiny was announced in the name of new security rules, the outcry echoed through the hallways of the federal courts and Congress....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 09:16

Changes at the top marked 2011

There were changes in latitude, attitude - all sorts of changes as longtime general aviation leaders disappeared from the scene. In some cases, personnel changes were driven by the economy, but for others, it was personal misfortune....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 08:35

GA community spreads holiday cheer

From Virginia to California, pilots have volunteered to help spread holiday cheer by flying Santa Claus and delivering holly and toys....
17 DEC 2011, ca 12:30
Cessna 208 Caravan I
N275PM - Spokane Turbine Skydiving, opf. Skydive Mesquite
0 / 2
Mesquite Airport, NV (USA)
Parachuting flight, during Landing
A Cessna 208 Caravan I skydiving plane, operated by Skydive Mesquite, crashed at Mesquite Airport. T... (more)
17 DEC 2011 - Spokane Turbine Skydiving, opf. Skydive Mesquite Cessna 208 Caravan I Accident ...
20 DEC 2011, 17:13
Boeing 737-4Q8
PK-CKN - Sriwijaya Air
0 / 131
Yogyakarta-Adisutjipto Airport (JOG) (Indonesia)
Domestic Scheduled Passenger flight, during Landing
A Boeing 737-4Q8 passenger jet, registration PK-CKN, was damaged in a runway excursion accident at Y... (more)
20 DEC 2011 - Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-4Q8 Accident ...
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 01:02

Earth-Sized Planets Discovered

NASA's Kepler planet-finding mission has found two planets of the right size but in the wrong orbital location....
Středa, 21 Prosinec 2011 01:02

Lights Out For The Airborne Laser

With ABL over, Boeing's missile defense prospects rely even more on the ICBM-based GMD system....
The European Court of Justice’s ruling on a case brought by U.S. carriers against the EU’s emissions trading system (ETS) is expected to mirror the judge advocate’s decision earlier this year....
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