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Úterý, 07 Květen 2013 14:03

Terrafugia vision: Takeoff, autoland in driveway

It sounds like a scene from a sci-fi film: You pull your car out of the garage, unfold the electrically powered rotors, and lift off from the driveway. Before you know it, you're zipping along at 200 mph, and at your destination the vehicle lands itself....
Úterý, 07 Květen 2013 09:55

FAA process to close control towers flawed, AOPA says

AOPA in a court filing May 6 called the FAA's decision to close 149 contract control towers nationwide, "arbitrary, capricious, and fundamentally flawed, leaving the safety and efficiency consequences largely unknown."...
If you've been wanting to take your flying to a more competitive level, the Sport Air Racing League's 2013 season is under way....
Pondělí, 06 Květen 2013 16:03

NASA project provides critical tool for water management

A Twin Otter packed with sensors has begun a three-year quest to measure mountain snowpack with unprecedented precision, gathering data with promise to inform water management decisions affecting 1.5 billion people....
Pondělí, 06 Květen 2013 10:20

Ag Aviation Association opens 2013 scholarship

Have you ever wanted to be an ag pilot? The National Agriculture Aviation Association is accepting applications for its 2013 scholarship competition, whose goal is to bring new pilots to the profession....
Pondělí, 06 Květen 2013 10:02

FreeFlight lands $7 million FAA contract for ADS-B equipment

FreeFlight Systems of Texas has landed a $7 million deal with the FAA to equip up to 600 Alaskan aircraft with automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) equipment, a reward for those who tested the system now at the heart of NextGen....
Pátek, 03 Květen 2013 11:16

Senators to FCC: Drop 121.5 MHz ELT ban proposal

General aviation aircraft owners would spend an aggregate $500 million on dated technology under a revived Federal Communications Commission proposal to eliminate emergency locator transmitters that operate on 121.5 MHz, said five U.S. senators, led by Senate GA Caucus member Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), in a letter to the agency's chief....
Pátek, 03 Květen 2013 11:01

IFR Fix: Surprised, even unnerved

ATC has your initial vector for the approach. The controller evenly mentions that previous traffic has diverted to the alternate, where the reported ceiling is a lofty 1,500 broken. The unspoken question hangs in the air. It's tempting, really tempting, to press onward....
Pátek, 03 Květen 2013 09:31

Flying Bulls BD-5J crashes in Austria

A pilot with Austria's Flying Bulls team lost his life attempting to execute an emergency landing in the world's smallest jet on May 1....
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