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The FAA has completed a feasibility study of maintaining the Runway 1 localizer/DME at the Bettles, Alaska airport, concluding that the navaid will be decommissioned on the occasion of a critical failure....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 10:55

ICAO flight plan now required for all border crossings

Mandatory use of International Civil Aviation Organization flight plans has expanded to include all border crossings, even if only an overflight....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 10:48

FAA fast-tracks Twin Commander AD

The FAA, citing a risk of structural failure, has adopted an airworthiness directive requiring inspection of certain Twin Commander Aircraft LLC models....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 10:39

Colorado passes tax credit bill that helps MROs

Aviation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul businesses in Colorado are now eligible for the state's existing $1,200-per-new-employee income tax credit for aircraft manufacturing firms....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 09:46

FAA asked to remove outdated knowledge test questions

Questions about loran, microwave landing systems, and direction finding would be more fitting for Barry Schiff's popular "Test Pilot" trivia column in "AOPA Pilot" than on FAA knowledge exams....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 09:33

FAA decides not to shut down Bridgeport VOR

The FAA has determined that decommissioning the Bridgeport, Conn., VOR used in a variety of instrument procedures, is not in the best interest of aviation....
Středa, 15 Květen 2013 09:19

Ministry offers teens free flight lessons

Teens enrolled in Melbourne, Fla.-based Wings of Grace Ministries received free flight training and real-world life lessons....
Úterý, 14 Květen 2013 16:01

Five more logbook apps

A pilot's logbook is the official record of their flights. It also serves as a personal diary of what we've learned and where we've been. Most of us hold on to that first paper logbook we received when we started our flying journey. But now, developers have brought the logbook online, with more features than paper versions....
Úterý, 14 Květen 2013 11:17

Program encourages pilots to fly to all 59 SC airports

Pilots can win prizes, see new locales, and sharpen their flying skills under the South Carolina Aviation Association's new ambassadors program....
Úterý, 14 Květen 2013 10:49

Navy launches unmanned aircraft from catapult

Navy launches unmanned aircraft from catapult...
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