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Úterý, 30 Duben 2013 13:51

'Planes' movie showing at AirVenture

Visitors to EAA AirVenture 2013 will get an early screening of Disney's animated movie "Planes" on Aug. 2 at the Fly-In Theater....
Úterý, 30 Duben 2013 10:21

Flights to Costa Rica facing restrictions

Pilots planning to fly general aviation aircraft to Costa Rica through May 7 should check carefully for flight restrictions in effect in connection with a scheduled visit by President Barack Obama and other leaders....
On the ground, the sonic boom--an aerodynamic phenomenon that has stumped engineers for decades--would be as loud as rustling leaves if HyperMach Aerospace Industries succeeds in proving a business jet concept....
Úterý, 30 Duben 2013 09:13

Montana governor signs tower marking bill

A new law in Montana requires the prominent marking of meteorological evaluation towers (MET) taller than 50 feet agl (but less than 200 feet agl) located in unincorporated, rural areas of the state. It also requires the reporting of the tower's location and height to regulatory officials so the information can be made available to pilots....
Úterý, 30 Duben 2013 09:00

Pilot hopes around-the-world flight inspires youth

A solo around-the-world trip is part of an effort by James Anthony Tan to inspire youth around the world to learn about the joys of aviation....
Úterý, 30 Duben 2013 07:24

Sporty's to hold fly-in, open house

Sporty's Pilot Shop will hold its annual fly-in and open house at its home base of Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio, on May 18....
Cessna announced April 30 that the upgraded Citation Sovereign has made its first production flight, with performance and handling declared "exceptional" by Cessna's production test pilot....
Pondělí, 29 Duben 2013 12:25

Charlotte, NC, mayor named to head DOT

President Barack Obama will nominate Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Anthony R. Foxx, a 42-year-old attorney with government and private-sector experience, to become the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation....
Pondělí, 29 Duben 2013 09:00

Dassault's green 'Future Falcons'

His official title may be senior vice-president of research and technology and advanced business, but around Dassault Aviation's offices Bruno Stoufflet's more common handle is "futurist."...
Pondělí, 29 Duben 2013 08:32

Calling all teachers to EAA AirVenture on July 30

Teachers are invited to attend a special day at EAA AirVenture on July 30, when Build A Plane and other organizations will show them how to incorporate aviation into their curricula....
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